The 80/20 Rule in Conversion Rate Optimization Survey
Let us capture your experience with the 80/20 Principle in digital marketing.
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Your answers will give a great insight to weather or not Pareto Principle is important element of conversion rate optimization.

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80% of profits come from 20% of customers *

80% of product sales from 20% of products *

80% of sales from 20% of advertising *

80% of customer complaints from 20% of customers *

80% of sales from 20% of the sales team *

80% of online sales are from 20% of products *

80% of search visits are from 20% of the keywords *

80% of leads in content marketing are from 20% of the content assets *

80% of user tasks are performed on 20% of links offered *

80% of social shares are from 20% of the social updates *

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